Upward Bound students share the exciting things they will experience while they study abroad.  

Everyone has had that one person who has been there for them, listened to them, and pushed them to be the best. They might not have an official title but all of them had something in common – they were your mentors.  

We already have mentors that will be assigned to our students, however, I want to engage our older male students in reciprocal mentoring relationships in a series of monthly workshops.  

Upward Bound offered a variety of activities this past fall semester including tutoring, financial aid/scholarship workshops, Academic Themed Saturdays (ATS), cultural events, college visits, and academic advising. We focused heavily on ATS and tutoring this past semester.  

This past November, as part of a United States team of educators and institutional leaders, researchers, students, and social and government representatives, I had the opportunity to participate in the 2nd World Congress on Global Access to Postsecondary Education in Campinas, Brazil.  

Say the word “help” and IUPUI Upward Bound students ALWAYS come through! The UB family’s spirit of giving kicked off last year by participating in worthy causes right in “our backyard” and around the community.   

Students holding their water balloons.

Summer Academy 2017 was another adventure for Upward Bound students in both academic and extracurricular activities.

Be REAL! Responsibility, education, authenticity, and leadership were the focus of the Educational Opportunity Association’s 3rd Annual Men of Excellence Conference. This year’s 3rd Annual Educational Opportunity Association National Girls in STEM Conference was held at Central Michigan University.

Florida state sign.

Upward Bound students who successfully completed the 2016 Summer Academy; had outstanding grades, attendance, and attitude; and wrote an essay on a topic pertaining to the state of Florida were eligible to participate in a spring merit trip. 

Summer is just around the corner. This means flip-flops, shorts, barbeque, ice cream, swimming pools, and of course, Upward Bound Summer Academy! We have a summer full of activities for our students.

IUPUI Upward Bound offered several exciting opportunities to students during the 2017 spring semester. At the start of the semester, students had an opportunity to volunteer for the MLK Day of Service.

C. Jett

Clifton Jett is a 2016 graduate of Warren Central High School and a graduate of the IUPUI Upward Bound program.

Roxanne Gregg

For the past year, Roxanne Gregg has been serving as president of the Educational Opportunity Association, which is an association for professionals who work in TRIO programs like Upward Bound in a 10-state region in the Midwest.

Students meeting professionals on career day.

Dolly Parton’s iconic song, “Working 9 to 5,” kicked off Upward Bound’s Career Day. Students had the opportunity to speak with professionals from a variety of local businesses and organizations.

Upward Bound students visiting the Noble County Saddle Club.

Upward Bound had several exciting events this fall. One new event added to the schedule this fall was Saddle Bound.

Melida Gutierrez

As an academic coordinator, I plan to help you be successful at school and in the program.

Several IUPUI Upward Bound program participants attended the 2016 Men of Excellence conference in DeKalb, Illinois. This year's second annual Girls in STEM conference was held at Wichita State University.

Esther Myrick

This summer has been another exciting experience for our students. Over the last two months, students got to take college-style classes in a variety of subjects, adjust to dorm-style living, and participate in enriching activities from swimming to travel.

Fort in Puerto Rico

We had several exciting events in the spring. This year, we added a cultural dinner experience to our scheduled activities. We tried food from the Greek islands, Peru, and Mexico.

Ronald McDonald house logo.

Upward Bound offered a variety of special events during the fall semester. Students tried food from South Korea and Ethiopia as part of our monthly cultural dinner experiences. Students also visited Indiana Wesleyan University and University of Southern Indiana to learn more about what these colleges offer.