We also attended a number of cultural events, including the Young Musicians Contest, IUPUI Research Day, and three theater performances: To Kill a Mockingbird, Butler, and Fences. These events offered our students opportunities to be exposed to new experiences and to develop an appreciation for the arts. Ten of our students were able to attend an inspirational talk about overcoming obstacles from the two-time Grammy award winner Common. Five students were chosen to attend the Notre Dame Leadership Conference where they attended leadership development workshops and were motivated and inspired by guest speakers who have overcome extraordinary obstacles to achieve their success today. Our amazing Upward Bound seniors were recognized by IUPUI and awarded certificates of achievement at the IUPUI Spring Awards Convocation. Students had the opportunity to select the school that most interested them and attend a campus visit. At our visits to Purdue University, Indiana University Bloomington, and Anderson University, our students learned information about the schools, admission requirements, majors that are offered, and other organizations that may be of interest. Students toured the campuses and saw what dorm living looked like.

Be Open to New Experiences

New experiences help us grow and learn. When life presents a challenge, approach it with the attitude that you are going to grow and learn through the experience.

Maximize Your Academic Experience

The academic experience offers you an opportunity to grow your skills. As you participate in the academic component, ask instructors questions and collaborate with your peers to learn as much as you can from your classes. Be sure to complete assignments before the deadlines and keep yourself organized. If you are struggling with any concepts, reach out to your instructors, daytime mentors, or staff.

Interact with UB Students You Don't Know During Summer Academy

Building your network is an important life skill. Our program is a family and provides a safe, open environment for our students. All of our students bring unique stories, perspectives, and ideas to our program, so take the time to get to know your peers!

Refer to the Materials Given to You at the Summer Academy Orientation

Summer Academy orientation will take place on May 21. The materials you receive during orientation will answer a lot of questions you may have, but if you have any lingering questions, please reach out to any of the UB staff members.

New Students

  • Akers, Brela
  • Anderson, Michael
  • Avila, Loretta
  • Barbon,Edgar
  • Barbon, Obed
  • Bethea, Tyane
  • Bills, Jayla
  • Brown, Brittany
  • Calderon, Yessenia
  • Elder, Thomas
  • Foster, Rakari
  • Garrett, Giovonni
  • Garrett, Latashiana
  • Harrell, Najaee
  • Hughes, Marina
  • Hutzel, Ciera
  • Ingram, Mckayla
  • Jackson, Joseph
  • Johnson, Aliyah
  • Johnson, Allen
  • Jones, Jada
  • Jordan, Peja
  • Kilgore, Jarred
  • Kimbrough, Vontasia
  • Kimmons, Jayden
  • Lewis, Anjelique
  • Lloyd, Ashlie
  • Lomax, Diamond
  • Patton, Chloe
  • Roman, Brittney
  • Sanchez, Adrian
  • Sanchez, Michelle
  • Santiago, William
  • Sargent, Frances
  • Smith, Kenneth
  • Smith, Lynnisha
  • Smith, Taenisha
  • Smith, Tyree
  • Taylor, Jayvon
  • Townsend, Kamryn
  • Villanueva, Cristian
  • Wheeler, Shala
  • Williams, Yolanda
  • Wills, Joseph

Success is no accident. It takes hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice, and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.


Upward Bound's Trip to Puerto Rico

Who would have guessed you would need an umbrella in a rain forest? Several of our Upward Bound students can now respond to that after their weeklong trip to the beautiful island of Puerto Rico over spring break. Aside from hiking through the rain forest, our students were able to spend some much needed time on the beach, tour a 200-year-old fort built by the Spanish, explore an art museum in Ponce, and buy souvenirs in old San Juan. We also visited two universities where more than a few students started to imagine what it would be like to go to school surrounded by palm trees and a nice tropical breeze. It’s impossible to write about all that we saw and did in the space allotted here, but it goes without saying that this trip was worth every bit of effort put in by those who earned it!

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