College Experience: Clifton Jett

My name is Clifton Jett. I'm a 2016 graduate of Warren Central High School and a graduate of the IUPUI Upward Bound program, for which I was a summer 2016 employee. This past year, I was a freshman and on-campus resident at the University of Southern Indiana where I am majoring in theatre and getting a minor in criminal justice. Going to college is a blessing for me, and it's an opportunity that was beyond my expectations. Going to college is a great opportunity that not many people get, so I am grateful. 

College involves many challenges and sometimes difficulties, so being prepared is one of the biggest assets a student can have when beginning this new journey of life. Furthermore, the first semester of college is all about learning campus procedures, policies, and culture and adjusting to it. In this process, you will discover some professors who are understanding and some who aren't so understanding. You will meet advisors who are focused on making sure you are successful throughout college. Meanwhile, you will notice what you are superb at and what you need to improve on. For the most part, it is your job to learn how you plan to be successful in college, and being successful in college largely depends on how seriously you take it. 

College is the start of something new and the freedom of responsibility.

Clifton Jet + IUPUI Upward Bound graduate

You're probably wondering, "How much different is high school from college?" In my first semester, I learned a lot about the differences. Students sleep in public in college, students actually study in college, and students are known to gain weight their freshman year of college, but no worries. Most colleges provide a recreational and fitness center for students so they can keep healthy. On another note, being a college student will hopefully help you learn how to manage your time. Your major(s) and your involvements will determine how big of a challenge college is for you when it comes to balancing your class schedule with your daily life schedule. It's always good to get involved in campus activities and organizations, but always be sure to not get overly involved. Introduce yourself to important staff members, as they will be good to use as references on your resume.

Walking onto a college campus can be more than exciting, and that's how it should be, but walking onto a campus unprepared will be overwhelming. College is the start of something new and the freedom of responsibility. College is the place to fix mistakes and learn from them. College is a new journey to explore. My first semester of college worked me to my max, but I made it through successfully because I was prepared for the challenges. If I can do it, so can you!

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