I am a native of Indianapolis, graduate of Northwest High School (go Pioneers!), and a proud graduate of Indiana University Bloomington! I truly enjoy working with high school students and proving to young people that, “Only you can stop you!” I look forward to working with the seniors and not stopping until that tassel is turned! I look forward to meeting each of you and your parents as I join a fantastic team for another great year!

2016 Summer Recap

This summer has been another exciting experience for our Upward Bound students. Over the last two months, students got to take college-style classes in a variety of subjects, adjust to dorm-style living, and participate in enriching activities from swimming to travel. The students wowed each other and faculty at the talent show with singing, dancing, poetry, and other skills. Theater students presented a play to rave reviews, and gym students survived the heat while developing good physical fitness habits. At the end of the session, students who excelled in their classes had the opportunity to visit either Chicago or Niagara Falls. In Chicago, students took an architectural tour, visited several colleges, and even went to a Blue Man Group concert! The other group of students visited several colleges on their way to Niagara Falls and then visited an aquarium and got to see the falls up close!


English 11

In Miss Hyde’s English 11 class, students developed their literary analysis skills by watching, listening, and annotating Hamilton, the smash Broadway rap/hip-hop musical. Students not only listened to the show and annotated lyrics but also read challenging documents from the Revolutionary War era, developing critical skills that they’ll need to succeed in college classes. Not only that, but when Miss Hyde attended the show during the July 4th weekend, Upward Bound sent a gift to the cast and got a shout out from Chris Jackson, the actor who plays George Washington!


Some of our Upward Bound students had the privilege of taking a forensics class. Students learned important problem-solving skills and saw how evidence is used to solve crimes. During the course, students identified aspects of blood typing, blood spatter, construction evidence, and fingerprinting. The class also featured some expert guest speakers. It was visited by Krystal Breslin, who is a graduate student in the Walsh lab. She introduced students to how DNA markers are used to tell physical features of people that may have been at the scene of a crime. Students also heard from Erin Donovan on forensic anthropology. Dr. Christine Picard gave them some information on forensic entomology that included how insects are used to tell the time of death of a victim. Finally, the students ventured to the Indiana Medical History Museum to learn how the study of mental illness has evolved through the last 100 years.

Summer Academy Banquet Awards

Spirit Award: Rakari Foster and Tabitha Chambers

CitizenshipAward: Suyen Salgado and Tre Hailey

Most Improved Award: Michelle Sanchez and Paul Perez

Director’s Award: Kin-Nyshia Meeks and De’monie Johnson

Participation Award: Tre’ Hailey, Kiara Morris, Audree Nealy, Eduardo Tigre, and Kin-Nyshia Meeks

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