Girls in STEM Conference

Girls who participated in the Girls in STEM Conference.

This year’s 3rd Annual Educational Opportunity Association (EOA) National Girls in STEM Conference was held at Central Michigan University in Mount Pleasant, Michigan, on May 19–21, 2017. The Upward Bound students chosen to participate after applying for this opportunity were Kaycee A., Zhy’yon H., Vontasia K., and Taenisha S. During the conference, attendees were exposed to dynamic workshops on college planning; life skills; and careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields.

They also heard from exciting speakers and had the chance to network with other young women from around the country. Not only did the conference provide academic learning opportunities but the students also heard from many professionals in the STEM fields. The students also were engaged in learning experiences that opened their minds to cultural differences as well as acceptance and understanding of themselves and the world around them as they participated in critical thinking discussions and in hands-on activities in a laboratory setting.

Zhy’yon H., after volunteering to speak, did a fantastic job of introducing the EOA president-elect of the mid-America regional association for TRIO and EOA, Valdis Zalite. She also volunteered to answer questions on stage several times. Although the educational experience and inspiring speakers are an important takeaway from this conference, some students also left the conference having gained lifelong friends, important information, and insight into their futures and career fields they are inspired to pursue.

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