Fall 2015 Recap

Upward Bound offered a variety of special events during the fall 2015 semester. Students tried food from South Korea and Ethiopia as part of our monthly cultural dinner experiences. They visited Indiana Wesleyan University and University of Southern Indiana to learn more about what these colleges offer. They took a trip to Bloomington for a performance by Black Violin, attended a performance by the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, and went on an outing to see the play April 4, 1968: Before We Forgot How to Dream. Students were able to participate in a health career day, where they had a specialized experience with an IUPUI school that gave an overview of what it would be like to be a student and professional in that field. Students also spent a day during fall break volunteering at Teacher’s Treasures, Gleaners Food Bank, Ronald McDonald House, and Riley Hospital. In addition, students were able to work on their leadership skills during a Saturday workshop with Adrian Rosado from TheMillennial.Be and learn about Puerto Rico from IUPUI professor Jose Vargas-Vila.

What do you get out of volunteering?

"Volunteering makes you feel proud. You feel good about being able to help others and are excited and willing to do it again." —Jayannia H.

"Volunteering gives you the opportunity to help people and do something for a good cause. It also looks good on a job or college application." —Jasmine F.

"I like the feeling of being able to help someone who is less fortunate." —Lachanee S.

Important Spring Dates

  • January 5: Super Tutoring
  • January 9: ATS and New Student Orientation
  • January 19: Super Tutoring
  • January 30: ATS
  • February 2: Super Tutoring
  • February 13: To Kill a Mockingbird at the IRT
  • February 13: ATS
  • February 16: Super Tutoring
  • February 27: ATS and Notre Dame Student Leadership Conference
  • March 1: Super Tutoring
  • March 12: ATS featuring TheMillenial.Be Leadership Series
  • March 15: Super Tutoring
  • March 15: Fences at the IRT
  • March 22: College Visit
  • March 24: College Visit
  • March 28–31: Puerto Rico
  • April 5: Super Tutoring
  • April 9: ATS
  • April 19: Super Tutoring
  • April 30: ATS/Senior Celebration
  • May 3: Super Tutoring
  • May 21: SA Orientation
  • January 12–May 17 (every Tuesday): Tutoring, 4:30–7:00 p.m.

Educational Opportunity Association

Congratulations to Roxanne Gregg, the IUPUI Upward Bound director, for being elected and inducted as the president of the Educational Opportunity Association (EOA). She will serve in the role from November 2015 until November 2016.

EOA is a regional professional association comprised of 1,000 TRIO and other educational opportunity professionals throughout the Midwest, representing more than 200 colleges, universities, and community organizations throughout Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, and Wisconsin.

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