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Summer Academy

During the summer, participants are offered the opportunity to live the college experience. Students take academic classes and live in residential housing on the IUPUI campus. Summer Academy exposes participants not only to challenges and fun but also offers students the chance to gain a sense of independence, improve social interaction skills, and most importantly, lessen the anxiety of their future college experience.

Upward Bound students receiving a certificate of completion.

Benefits of Participating

  • Receive one-on-one mentoring and advising 
  • Engage in tutoring and study sessions 
  • Visit colleges and universities in the region 
  • Take classes that give you the foundation to succeed in college 
  • Socialize with other students and learn about different ethnic and cultural backgrounds 
  • Take trips to museums, philharmonic concerts, the theater, and more 
  • Volunteer in the community 
  • Take part in leadership development workshops and conferences 
  • Explore career opportunities 
  • Learn more about the college admissions and financial aid processes

Program Objectives

  • Provide academic skill instruction in math, science, and language arts
  • Make available tutoring and academic counseling for all participants
  • Make a positive impact on test scores and grade point averages of students with a special emphasis on math, science, and language arts
  • Expose students to new academic, social, and cultural learning experiences
  • Enhance the overall personal and academic development of all participants
  • Instill a positive attitude and appreciation toward lifelong learning
  • Assist participants and parents/guardians with the preparation of college applications and financial aid forms